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Milford families continue to struggle with financial hardships in today’s economic climate. Despite government promises and bank bailouts, there has been no meaningful federal response for Connecticut’s middle class. Ten years filled with failed bank programs and government promises have not properly addressed our clients’ problems.

It is time to take control of your own finances. Get informed. Seek solid legal advice from Milford bankruptcy and debt relief lawyers who have provided over 15,000 legal solutions to Connecticut residents.

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“I returned to my hometown on the shoreline with a very young family and some very old debt. I couldn’t imagine how I’d ever be able to raise my children in the town where I grew up or own a home. You and your staff welcomed me with great compassion and walked me through the process needed to take back my life and sleep through the night again. I’ve managed to gain control of my finances and raise my children in my hometown. Thank you for all that you do.”
Nancy | Milford, CT

  Living in Connecticut comes with a series of financial obstacles. Here are a few of the problems faced by Milford residents. Click on a topic below to read more: